Other People's Family Stories

It’s been so long since I sent one of these that you may have forgotten signing up. The book and my other job have taken up so much of my linguistic brainpower that assembling other words has been impossible, even in speech. I find myself calling the cats dogs and the dogs cats, reaching in vain for words like stove or mug or pencil. I often start a sentence and run out of steam midway through, leaving Max to wonder what I was trying to say. But the book is truly nearly done and will be out sometime early next year, and creative life outside it is starting to become possible again.

I’m a magpie. Instead of shiny things I collect other people’s stories about families and ancestors and echoes. Here are a few I’ve particularly treasured from friends while holed up in my nest over the past couple years.

I’m still finishing up endnotes and final touches to my manuscript, but I’m told there will be a pub date soon, so I should have more time to be in touch here before long.

All good wishes to you as we enter year two of the pandemic.