The Accused Witch: Persecuted, and Persecutor

Also, this month's giveaway, on troubled ancestors. And music, books, and stories I'm thinking about.

Sometimes an ancestor experienced harm and also inflicted harm. My ninth great-grandmother Mary Parsons was accused of being a witch in seventeenth-century Massachusetts. The image above is a record of her testimony in the lead-up to the criminal prosecution, which also involved inspecting her body for “witch marks.” Years after the trial, Mary and her family defended her reputation by persecuting an enslaved Black woman who’d called Mary a witch. They used religion as a sword and a shield, as Mary’s own tormenters did. I write about this history, and its echoes across generations of my family, in (my upcoming book) Ancestor Trouble.

Every month until publication next March, I’m giving away a set of books, in thanks for pre-orders. This month’s mini-library includes three books on beliefs about spiritual reckonings with troubled ancestors: Restless Dead: Encounters Between the Living and the Dead in Ancient Greece; The Ancient Roman Afterlife: Di Manes, Belief, and the Cult of the Dead; and Of Water and the Spirit: Ritual, Magic and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman. Details for entering are below.

And some recommendations and miscellany:

  • “I first became interested in the Black West because my great-grandparents were settlers. They came from Louisiana to Boley, Oklahoma in 1909, shortly after statehood.” If you’re wondering what Lizzie Skurnick is working on these days, read this fascinating Twitter thread.

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