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You might want to subscribe to Ancestor Trouble if the name makes intuitive sense to you. While this newsletter is related to my forthcoming book, Ancestor Trouble: A Reckoning and a Reconciliation (Random House, March 29, 2022), it’s also deeply concerned with complications and yearnings around ancestry writ large. These are my notes along the edges, things I’m still mulling over or learning about, as well as other people’s work I’m drawn to on the subject. Sometimes I do giveaways of books (purchased by me) that have influenced my thinking and feeling on ancestors and made their way into my book.

I’m also increasingly interested in earth connection and the possibilities that open up when we look beyond humanity to the rest of the world as kin.

Some posts to give you a sense of what I do here:

(To avoid confusion, I changed the name of this newsletter from Ancestor Hunger to Ancestor Trouble. They're often close cousins, in my experience! But with the book on the way, I don't want to have two different titles floating around.)


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